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How we got started?

Having to repaint the house I wanted a way that I could keep my children's heights that were marked on our wall without them disappearing, as they have been a work in progress for the last 7 years and many more years to come. I struggled to find someone in Australia who creates them, and wasn't willing to pay the postage to get one from overseas.

I never thought I would be making them for other people, but after sharing with my friends and family on Facebook, they all suggested I try selling them. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of customers I have received all over Australia.

I find mine are more unique as I don't use decals or stencils. I create all my rulers by hand which allows you to choose any font you wish to use, either imperial or metric measurements or both, and you can have a name or family saying added as well.

Thank you for dropping by at My Family Rulers.

Sarah xo